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Welcome to the new and improved home of EJ Fisch!

*dusts off hands*

Everything is so shiny and I love it! 

My aim with this new site is to keep everything just about the way it was over on my old WordPress blog (which still exists, by the way, so all of my old blog posts are still intact). Now it just looks nicer. I've still got my progress meters, my Goodreads/Twitter/Instagram widgets, etc. over in the side bar. Everything should look pretty familiar.

The home page displays an array of items. There's a list of books that directs users to further information about each one. There's an area that shows the most recent announcements, like this one. Then there's an area that shows my most recent blog posts.

The Announcements section is fairly self-explanatory. This is where you'll find news about new releases, interviews, and whatever else I'm working on.

As before, each of my books has its own dedicated page under the My Work menu, with a description, excerpt, and now integrated Goodreads widgets. 

The Art page shows cover and concept art from the series.

The About page is, again, pretty self explanatory.

The Contact page displays a form you can fill out to get in touch with me if you don't want to use any of the social media links that are strewn all over the site ;)

And the Blog page is where all of my book reviews and random musings will go. I've moved a couple of my book reviews over here already just so I have something there. 

So look around, click stuff, read stuff, comment on stuff. Enjoy your stay!