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The Ziva Payvan Collection - Now Available!

The Ziva Payvan Collection is now available as a Kindle exclusive! It's available on Amazon for $5.99 and will no doubt go on sale for $0.99 from time to time, so keep an eye out for further announcements ;)

As you might guess, this collection contains the three main novels in the Ziva Payvan series (Dakiti, Nexus, and Ronan) as well as a pair of character interviews situated between each book, one of which was featured on The Protagonist Speaks. In addition, I've also included extended sneak peeks of my upcoming works set in the Ziva Payvan universe, I Am Reilly and Embers

If you've read and reviewed these three books already, would you consider writing a quick review for the collection? You can even copy and paste your other reviews to save time. Reviews help readers make informed decisions about their reading options and help the books reach their target audience. Review on Amazon or Goodreads today!