Embers is part 2 of the Ziva Payvan Legacy duology. Stay up to date on its progress by subscribing to my newsletter, checking for information here on the site, or following me on social media. In the meantime, visit the Fracture page for an excerpt from part 1.

A dull ringing in her ears brought her back to her senses. She blinked several times; the scene before her grew lighter and crisper but remained cloudy. It took her only a split second to realize the view was literally of the clouds, and the ringing sound slowly sharpened into an urgent beeping. She must have only lost consciousness for a few seconds. Blackened pieces of debris shot through the clouds beside her, trailing smoke and flames. The smell of burnt flesh and clothing reached her nostrils even through the helmet, and though the crushing wind commanded her senses, some part of her brain still managed to warn her that it was her flesh and clothing.

Embers Thin Paperback.png

Fun Facts: 

  • Fracture and Embers are two halves of the same story, which means Embers picks up precisely where Fracture left off.

  • Actually, that's kind of a lie. Both books will start out with prologues that are two halves of the same flashback. So the structure goes: Flashback Part 1 > Fracture > Flashback Part 2 > Embers. It's been really fun to write the story like this.

  • Tobias Niio is back by popular demand (and because his plot was more or less left open in Ronan). He'll appear in a couple of Fracture flashbacks but will be more prominently featured in Embers.

  • The overall plot of Embers is based on an old, pre-Dakiti Ziva and Co. story that never saw the light of day. See why it's beneficial to keep all of your writing, no matter how terrible it is?