Book Review: Requiem by G.S. Jennsen


Oh boy, you guys.

Thinking back (not so very long ago, really) to the conclusion of the Aurora Rising trilogy, I was satisfied. Despite the fact that it was left open and we knew there was more to come, it still felt like a reasonable conclusion. I thought, "What more could there be? What could be bigger than this magnificent final battle with the Metigens?"

And then came the Aurora Renegades trilogy, where we started to get glimpses of what might be coming next. There was a ton of information thrown at us and a ton of character development, and by the time we reached the end of Abysm, there was so much momentum that we were launched directly into the Aurora Resonant trilogy. The story had just continued building and building and building, and events in Relativity and Rubicon were such that I knew the finale in Requiem was going to be huge (not to mention the implications of a title like 'Requiem' at the end of a musically-themed series were sure to be interesting). 

And Requiem proved to be the epitome of a conclusion. Events and information from as long ago as Starshine and Vertigo were still relevant. The story accounted for all the major character development that took place over the last few books, and we continued to see growth and development among the newer characters we just met a couple of books ago.  

At this point I almost find it hard to talk about Alex and Caleb (no offense whatsoever to the characters) because, while they're obviously running the show, it's the newer characters like Eren and Nisi who steal the spotlight for me. I've loved Eren since his introduction, but there's been something about Nisi I've really loved too, especially in light of information we learned at the end of Rubicon and despite the fact that he hasn't done anything particularly exciting. He just has a presence on the page and kind of commands all the scenes he's in (although Miriam gives him some competition at times 😉). Nyx has also come to be a favorite because I have a soft spot for antagonistic lady assassin-type characters (no way!). 

After all of this, though, I still had no idea how the story was going to end. I had my theories, of course, some of which had been in development since the beginning of the Resonant trilogy, and it some ways bits of each of them ended up being correct. But in the end (*ba dum tss*) the finale ended up being bigger and more spectacular than I expected. And up until the last few pages, we actually didn't know for sure what direction the story was going in regards to certain characters, and events were such that I personally would have found any of the options totally appropriate.

Regardless, it was a satisfactory ending for an incredible 9-book ride. I'm so glad to have been along for that ride and I can't wait to see what G.S. has in store next!

Side note: now that it's all said and done, I think Relativity was still my favorite out of all the books, but THIS cover is my favorite out of all of them. I know I've said that about several...

Requiem is Book 3 of the Aurora Resonant trilogy, the third act in the Aurora Rhapsody series. Check out the Aurora Rising and Aurora Renegades trilogies, as well as the first two installments in Aurora Resonant, in Kindle, paperback, and audio formats. Then check out the newly-released collection of all the short stories set in this universe.

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G. S. Jennsen lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs. Requiem is her ninth novel, all published by her imprint, Hypernova Publishing. She has become an internationally bestselling author since her first novel, Starshine, was published in March 2014. She has chosen to continue writing under an independent publishing model to ensure the integrity of the Aurora Rhapsody series and her ability to execute on the vision she’s had for it since its genesis.

While she has been a lawyer, a software engineer and an editor, she’s found the life of a full-time author preferable by several orders of magnitude. When she isn’t writing, she’s gaming or working out or getting lost in the Colorado mountains that loom large outside the windows in her home. Or she’s dealing with a flooded basement, or standing in a line at Walmart reading the tabloid headlines and wondering who all of those people are. Or sitting on her back porch with a glass of wine, looking up at the stars, trying to figure out what could be up there.

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