Book Review: Secrets of PEACE by T.A. Hernandez

and would you look at that cover!

and would you look at that cover!

I'm in kind of a unique position when reviewing this book because I had the opportunity to read it way back in its infancy. Comparing what it was then to what it has become now would compel me to rate it 5 stars right off the bat. The amount of care and dedication that has been put into this book alone makes it worth reading. 

The story starts out, naturally, by introducing us to Zira, a skilled but inexperienced assassin for the PEACE Project. The Project represents the main governing entity in this relatively-dystopian setting, and its structure is really clever. Members of Unit P (Protect) are essentially the police, while Unit E-1 (Enforce) maintains law and order, both inside and outside the Project. Unit A (Advance) specializes in the development of new technology, medicines, and scientific methods for creating a superior society. Unit C (Control) ensures that all citizens are treated equal in regards to the distribution of resources and labor. Zira herself is a member of Unit E-2 (Eliminate), a group of elite soldiers responsible for wiping out threats to peace.

But sometimes the line between peace and PEACE is a hazy one.

After being partnered with another E-2 operative named Jared, Zira finally begins to feel like she's found her place within the Project, and she learns what it means to care about someone and have them care for her in return. But when a mission goes wrong and new information about the Project comes to light, Zira begins to question everything -- and everyone -- she has ever known and done while in their employ. 

Above all, this is a story about loyalty and inner conflict. Both Zira and Jared are fiercely loyal to the Project; it's their way of life and the only thing they've ever known. Anyone who thinks differently is a traitor. A rebel. One of the very people their unit is usually responsible for eliminating. Zira knows that second-guessing the Project and its role in society puts her in danger of becoming a target herself.

Follow all the characters as they reflect on newly-revealed truths, struggle with impossible decisions, and try to figure out where their allegiances lie. With a strong core group of characters and a lovable supporting cast, Secrets of PEACE takes you on an emotional journey that will leave you thinking.


Secrets of PEACE is Book 1 of the Secrets of PEACE series, available NOW from Amazon. Grab it today, and check out these awesome propaganda posters for the PEACE Project! (click for larger view) Follow T.A. Hernandez for more writing updates!

About T.A. Hernandez:

T.A. Hernandez grew up with her nose habitually stuck in a book and her mind constantly wandering to make-believe worlds full of magic and adventure. She began writing stories after reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings for the first time at age 10. Thankfully, her writing has improved significantly since then, though she will happily admit that she has much more to learn and is looking forward to a long and exciting journey in her Quest to Tell Better Stories.

She is the proud mother of two girls and a college student working towards her degree in social work. She also enjoys drawing, reading, watching movies, and making happy memories with her family and friends.


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