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Things Are Now Available!


First order of business: paperbacks featuring the Ziva Payvan series’ new covers are now [finally] available. The interiors have all been reformatted as well, with some fun new chapter headings and styling. In the process of working on that new formatting, I put a lot of care into cutting down on page count (e.g. using a slightly smaller font, slightly narrower margins). This means each book’s list price is now $2 cheaper than they have been previously.

I plan on working on some hardcover editions in the coming months, but I a) would really love to take a break from formatting because this ended up proving to be a big undertaking and b) have a book to write. So in the meantime, grab your paperbacks from Amazon and other online indie bookstores:



In case you missed the announcement on social media, if you have previously purchased any of the Ziva Payvan books for Kindle and would like to upgrade to the new covers, there is now an update available! The interiors have also been spruced up a bit, so unless you’re hooked on the old covers, I’d suggest updating (but then again, I’m biased).

If you’re unsure how to update, go to your Amazon account menu, select “Your Content and Devices,” find any of the Ziva Payvan books you own in your content list, and there should be something along the lines of "Update Available" for you to click. The new version will appear on your Kindle immediately.

If you’ve purchased The Ziva Payvan Collection, there should be an update available for that as well. It includes not only the interior changes from the individual books but also a slightly altered cover with a new matching font and a splash of color from the three books. Take a look HERE!


I mentioned recently on Twitter that if I applied myself and stayed focused, I might be able to have this first draft of Fracture finished by the end of July. I would still need to do extensive revising (I already have so many comment bubbles throughout the document reminding myself of things I need to add or change) but that's also still much earlier than my sometimes-estimate of "Oh maybe by the end of the year." Granted, I had planned on writing a lot during my 4th of July vacation and then my destination plans changed and I got no writing done, but I think my goal is still achievable. Stay tuned ;)