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This Whole Wide World


A couple of announcements ago (I was going to say “a couple of months ago” but realized that’s hardly accurate), I mentioned the fact that I had finally decided not to renew all my books’ enrollments in KDP Select / Kindle Unlimited and start pursuing other sales platforms. I went ahead and yanked them last fall and then waited for their enrollment periods to end.

Starting in January, I began the process of pushing my books out to some of the other major e-book platforms, like Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. And since I also made use of Draft2Digital (which is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to expand to other platforms), my books are also now available from some other more obscure retailers like Scribd, Playster, and even an adorable little Italian bookstore.

Physical copies are of course still available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a variety of independent sellers like Powell’s (woooo #OregonLove). And you can always request signed copies from me directly. The only thing is that I went ahead and went wide before updating my covers, which I’d originally said I wanted to do first. My personal stock is currently low and I’ve been hesitant to order more copies if they’ll have new covers within a couple months. So that’s my next big project.

I’m also still in the process of getting The Collection pushed out to all platforms, in case anyone wonders where it is. It is already available on Google Play though.

Anyway, buy links for each of my books have been updated on their respective pages (and I’ll add The Collection’s when it’s ready), but here they are for your convenience. If you’re active on any of these other platforms and you’re feeling energetic, it would be fantastic if you could copy and paste any previously-written reviews from Amazon or Goodreads. Or, if you’ve read the books but haven’t reviewed them anywhere yet, now would also be an excellent time to do so ;)


A quick Fracture update…


I was just celebrating last night because I’d realized I’d knocked almost three Fracture scenes off in as many days. Right now I’m focusing on the partially-complete scenes or scenes that need rewrites (to account for POV changes, etc.), and once those are done it should be simple to go in and fill in the blanks with the scenes I haven’t started yet. My color-coordinated spreadsheet is coming in really handy.

When I gain a little momentum, I start to feel a familiar thrill akin to what I remember while working on Ronan, and I get really excited about the progress I’m making. As always, keep an eye out for updates on my various social media platforms.

What I’m Reading


The Will Robie Series by David Baldacci

This is actually the second time I’ve read these books, and I’m getting really nostalgic because my first readthrough was right around the time I began publishing myself. They’re just kind of average spy thrillers as far as the plots go (so at least interesting) but the characters are what have really drawn me in. Robie is a government assassin (so +10 for that alone) but he’s also very human, well-developed and compelling. Then there’s Jessica Reel, a fellow assassin introduced in the second book whom Robie gets tasked with hunting down. She becomes almost a co-protagonist throughout the rest of the series; she’s an incredibly tragic tragic and has become one of my favorite female leads in any book series (or even game or movie, for that matter) of all time. I actually hadn’t planned on reading the entire series again, especially since it’s only been about a year since I finished the fifth (and hopefully-not-final) book, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m currently in the middle of book 3.




Anybody else watch this show? I feel like it’s kind of obscure. It’s a Canadian show but CBS aired it at one point a number of years ago. I know I watched at least some of it on TV but then I’m pretty sure it was on Netflix at one point. Regardless, it’s currently free to stream on Amazon Prime and I’m currently working my way through it at the gym. It’s kind of a police procedural; the team is one of several Strategic Response Units in the Toronto PD, so they’re basically SWAT, but there’s also a psychological profiling element. They deal with a lot of hostage negotiation, kidnappings, etc. It’s a really enjoyable show with great characters. One of the leads is played by Enrico Colantoni, who is of course my fancast for Tobias Niio, so it’s funny to see him as a police sergeant instead of a calculating crime boss. And the show has one of my favorite themes/intros ever.