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Thank You (+Sale Extension!)


First of all, I just want to give a huge shoutout to anyone who helped me spread the word about my big promo last month. I saw some great numbers, and I think all the word-of-mouth played a big part in that.

I actually ended up getting into another promo spot this past weekend, so I decided to extend the discount period through the end of this week. I've also decided to experiment with keeping Dakiti at 99¢ for a while longer, so while Nexus and Ronan will both return to $3.99 as of June 8, Dakiti will stay discounted through the end of June (or maybe longer, who knows!). So if you thought you missed out on the sale, worry not...it's still happening!

Learn more about the books and read excerpts on each of their pages here on the site (use the My Work dropdown in the top navigation) or head straight to Amazon using the buttons below.