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The Site Got a Facelift!


New year, new look! 

I'd been toying with the idea of doing a complete overhaul of my site for a while and decided it would be a fun way to kick off the new year. In all, I'm incredibly pleased with the end product. 

The overall structure remains the same; each of my books' individual pages can be accessed from the home page or the drop-down menu triggered by hovering over 'My Work' in the top navigation. Many of the pages have shiny new banners as well, and the ones that didn't are projects I want to work on in the near future. 

The BIGGEST new feature is the Glossary page, found under 'About' in the top navigation. It serves as both a dictionary and a dramatis personae, containing strange words (objects, locations, etc.) and a cast list for all named characters. Each entry has it's own short audio clip to serve as a pronunciation guide, as well as a letter key that shows which book(s) each word/name appears in. It was a bit of a challenge to put together, but I think it will be a fun reference to have available for readers. 

I'm not 100% in love with the format of the blog/announcement platform, but it does actually have some neat features my old template didn't, so it'll be interesting to experiment with it. The site is also MUCH more mobile-friendly than the old one, which is great, and I did away with the old landing page. Other than the major cosmetic differences, I've had fun adding small details that just make navigation easier (e.g. the little scroll-to-top button that appears when a user has scrolled a little way down a page). 

So take a look around, and I hope you'll stay tuned for future updates!