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September Update - Sales and More!

I confused myself while typing that title. Surely it's not actually September already...

No, I didn't post an update in August. It was kind of a quiet month, and things will probably continue to be quiet for a little while thanks to Life Responsibilities™. I wake up at 5:30 every morning and go to the gym. Then I work from 8 to 5. Then it's off to volleyball practice until 7:30. I'm usually lucky if I get home before 8. By the time I've cleaned up, unpacked all of the day's dirty laundry, and packed everything for the next day, I have about an hour during which I just want to veg before I have to go to bed at a reasonable-enough time that I'm not a total zombie when I have to wake up and do everything all over again. So yes, things are a liiiiittle crazy right now. But worry not; slow(er-than-normal) progress is being made on both Fracture and Embers. I chip away at them during down time at work, and now that the volleyball season is getting into full swing, I'll have some extra time during car rides. I also have 86 hours of PTO accrued, so it wouldn't kill me to take a day off. Literally. It would help me not die. 


Anyway, down to business. Because of the aforementioned insanity, I totally spaced the fact that yesterday was Ronan's first birthday until I logged into Facebook and saw my On This Day memory. I can't believe it has already been a year since its publication. To celebrate this anniversary and this much-needed long weekend, all three books in the Ziva Payvan series will be available for $0.99 Saturday, September 3 through Monday, September 5. Click each book below to check out this deal!



A couple of months ago I announced that I was going to have autographed paperbacks available for sale through this site. That placeholder has been kind of wasting space in my sidebar. While I still want to do that at some point, I ran out of time to get the functionality completely set up. HOWEVER, I have a few copies of Nexus and Ronan that I'm trying to get rid of before the big multi-author book signing next month. Does anyone who has an old glossy Dakiti want to complete their collection with glossy Ronans and Nexuses (Nexi? Nexussssesss?). All of my newer copies have matte covers and the last thing I want to do is mix them at that signing.

They'll be available for $10 apiece, which is $4 cheaper than what I normally sell them for (and that's already $4 cheaper than the original list price). First-come, first-served. I want to say I have 3 or 4 copies of each. Email me at ej@ejfisch.com if interested, and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Shipping costs will vary slightly depending on shipping distance and the size of the order. I will accept international orders. 

Again, these are copies of Nexus and Ronan only. Box sets will be made available after the signing, and one of these days I'll actually get the e-store feature up and running here on the site. 


All this month, I'm participating in another round of #WIPjoy over on Twitter. Check out this image on the left (click for larger view) for the daily schedule, and tune in to my Twitter (and occasional cross-post on Instagram or Facebook depending on the content) for some inside info about both Fracture and Embers. I had a ton of fun with this back in the spring, and now that I have some fresher material, it should be even better.


As usual, here's a short excerpt from Fracture, starring Matia Moryi and another new character who has been and will probably continue to be a lot of fun to write.

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