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#AuthorLifeMonth, Book Barbarian, and Forged From The Stars

This month, I'm participating in #AuthorLifeMonth, a photo-based game in which writers from all walks of life post pictures on Instagram in response to the daily theme. There's a different theme for each day of February. The rules are simple: post your photo and a description and include the hashtag #AuthorLifeMonth. Today is only the third day and I'm already having a lot of fun with it.

The themes are as follows:

Day 1: your books

Day 2: Your author photo

Day 3: Your last 5-star read

Day 4: Your WIP

Day 5: Comp covers (the covers or images that inspired your cover art)

Day 6: Fan art/edit

Day 7: Writing music

Day 8: Awesome moment

Day 9: Challenge overcome

Day 10: Non-author photo

Day 11: A fave review

Day 12: Killed darlings

Day 13: A fave book in genre

Day 14: Fave of your covers

Day 15: Swag

Day 16: Where you write

Day 17: Where you relax

Day 18: Research

Day 19: Your critique partners

Day 20: Fave chapter ending

Day 21: Your muse

Day 22: A dedication page

Day 23: Bucket list item

Day 24: Bucket list item done

Day 25: Pimp a pub-sib (support another author or book published by your same publisher; if you're self-published, just support a fellow author!)

Day 26: A fave book outside genre

Day 27: Your signature

Day 28: Fave event outfit/accessory

And since February has 29 days this year, Day 29 is a free day!

Come join me on this journey throughout the month! Look for my #AuthorLifeMonth posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

In other news, keep an eye out for Dakiti in Friday's edition of the Book Barbarian daily deals email!

And check out this awesome promotional video for FORGED FROM THE STARS, coming to Kindle on February 15!